Hertfordshire Constabulary – Pickpockets

‘Pickpockets’ was written and produced for Hertfordshire Constabulary and funded by The Association of Chief Police Officers to support a crime reduction initiative in retail and leisure outlets.

Our approach was to create a programme in a documentary style but in a humorous way with our main actor playing the part of a Louie Theroux  style  ‘documentary ‘ film maker engaging with a sleazy theatrical agent representing pickpockets as ‘artists’.

Crew: 3
Locations in and around Watford included a charity sector shop,  a bar and the John Lewis department store.

Actors: 5
Filming on High definition video format.

Target audience
The aim of the programme was to inform employees in clubs, bars and shops how to spot a potential pickpocket or ‘dipper’.

Although the subject of the programme is a very serious issue for many victims of pickpockets, our client agreed with our approach of using  humour in a balanced way to engage the audience and communicate the seriousness of the message.

DVD’s were made freely available to employees in shops, clubs and stores throughout Hertfordshire.

The initial programme was well received by the client and also the target audience.

As the programme was funded by NACPO we produced ‘re-badged’ versions for other police authorities throughout the UK to use.