Hilton Trafalgar Hotel

‘Taxi girl’ was a internet viral marketing campaign consisting of a 30 second commercial for Hilton International.

It was produced to promote the Trafalgar hotel,  a boutique hotel that opened in Trafalgar Square in London in 2001.

Hilton International wanted a way of reflecting the young, friendly and fun atmosphere of the new hotel. They wanted something that would sustain the attention of the audience using humour and encourage them to pass the clip onto friends via the web, therefore spreading the awareness of the hotel via the tag line at the end of the clip.

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The video can be seen below and it is the complete edit version that includes the end caption.

The popularity of the commercial is still evident by the number of original and copied versions you will still find on video sharing sites, many years after it was filmed.

The  ‘Taxi Girl’  idea has been constantly copied by advertisers including the latest we found in a 2009 TV commercial for a major car manufacturer with the embarrassed girl getting out of a vehicle parked in front of a drive.

‘Taxi Girl’ – Real or staged?
The Taxi Girl commercial has raised much heated discussion on blog and internet video sites as to whether ‘Taxi Girl’ was filmed by a tourist or staged.

We thought it was time to tell the truth… the taxi was real and hired for the day, the girl was an actress and the shaky camerawork was actually our award winning cameraman fighting his instinct to keep the camera still, while dressed as a tourist , see what you think.

The hem of the girl’s skirt was attached to a fine fishing wire with the other end held by our runner who was hidden on the floor of the Taxi.  As the girl left the cab, our runner pulled the fishing wire in and effectively trapped the girl’s skirt when the door closed. The skirt was attached to the girl by Velcro which made it easy to come off as she walked away.

Throughout the day we filmed many versions of ‘Taxi Girl’ at different locations in central London. Here is one of our favourites outside Buckingham Palace.

Look our for the surprised American tourists at the end.

The Hilton Trafalgar Hotel is very popular and details can be found at: www.thetrafalgar.com