Filming Options

Here are some examples of HDV (High Definition Video) single day filming packages and some extra services you may require for your project. Other options such as actors, sound assistant, presenter or sourcing filming locations are available upon request.

One camera operator filming on HDV (High Definition)

Lighting kit, microphones, cables, tripod.

Camera Crew – Ideal for gathering voxpops or interviews

One HDV camera kit, cameraman, lighting kit,
microphones with one sound/general assistant.

Two Camera Crew – Ideal for live discussions or conferences

Two HDV camera kits, two camera operators, lighting kit.
For example: One camera on presenter and one camera filming the PowerPoint presentation or audience.

Three Camera Crew –
For larger productions, documentaries, conferences or multiple locations

Three HDV camera kits, three camera operators, lighting kit.
For example: One camera on presenter, one camera fixed to PowerPoint presentation and one camera filming arrivals, voxpops and/or audience participation. Alternatively one camera fixed wide on stage with two cameras following the speakers.

Live Vision Mixing

Any of the multi-camera options above can be combined with a live mix between cameras on-site for either a Live feed or recording to DVD – eliminating the need for editing after the event.

Autocue – For prompting during a single ‘piece to camera’

Autocue equipment and operator.

Please contact us for booking information or to discuss a quotation.